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Chuckit! Amphibious Tri-Bumper Fetch Toy (Large)


The Chuckit!® Amphibious Tri-Bumper® is a medium-sized triple boomerang that is made of three balls on the end which makes it easy for you to throw and easier for your dog to pick up. The Bounceflex core and lightweight design make it great for water play! Designed not to pop and not sink, the Amphibious Tri-Bumper floats high on the water for your dog to fetch. The bright orange and blue colors give pet parents increased visibility and help prevent the toy from getting lost. The aerodynamic shape is perfect for long-distance fetch. The medium and large sizes make it great for a wide range of dogs to enjoy fetch with.


  • Made from durable materials
  • It floats! Great for both land and water play
  • Bright colors provide increased visibility
  • Great for interactive play
  • aerodynamic design is perfect for long distance fetch

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